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The Masons team, Peter and Tina Ernst (Chefs), Jenny Ernst (Chef) and Pascal Fillion (Restaurant            Management) have extensive  restaurant and management experience. Their shared vision for Masons Kitchen
     and Bar is Creating Great Dining Experiences - Something for Everyone!


     The culinary journey all started with Tina working with her Opa in the “Bierbar” (Neighbourhood
     pub) in Northern Germany. By the time Tina was 28 she was crazy busy in the restaurant
     business in Germany and Peter was busy working in grocery store operations and teaching.
     The restaurant was so busy, Tina called for help, Peter switched careers and answered the call!
     In 1997, after much success, they were ready for a change. Well, why not change countries?
     Canada was the ideal choice! Peter and Tina moved with their children Jenny and Leif to Sun Peaks
     where they have been busy building successful restaurant operations. Their operations have
     included Powder Hounds, Bella Italia and the Cahilty Creek Kitchen & Tap Room in Sun Peaks.


     Growing up in the family business their daughter Jenny met her husband Pascal at Bella Italia
     Ristorante in Sun Peaks. They went on to open and operate two successful restaurants Bin 44
     and Smiths Craft Beer House in New Zealand. Jenny and Pascal recently returned home to
     work with Peter and Tina in the creation of Masons Kitchen and Bar at Sun Rivers and
     expanding the family business with the purchase of Dorian’s Greek House.


     Committed to Community building, they have been instrumental in the creation of Oktoberfests,
     and live music events at Sun Peaks which leads us to the really fun part!!!
     Peter and Tina are accomplished musicians, songwriters and performers. Playing the “Rock Roots” genre as a duo or full band, Peter’s
     performances are energetic, fun and full of emotion. Rumour has it there just may be some
     great live music events happening at Masons. Stay tuned !


     Real Food, Real People, Real Fun! Something for everyone.